The. Best. Weight. Loss. Advice. Ever.

In July of 2009 I read the best weight loss article ever published on the internet. It was written by Nia Shanks. You may have seen her on Lift Like A Girl TV, or with the Girls Gone Strong crew.

Within that article was the holy grail of weight loss advice. If you forgot, or unlearned, everything you ever knew about diet, exercise, weight loss, and fitness, and just followed this one piece of advice, then you would never need to learn anything else. And that piece of advice is… » Read more


Beginner’s Guide to Exercising for Weight Loss

This article is not written for someone who is trying to get into the single digit body fat percentages. I wrote it for the average person who struggles with weight loss and just wants to go from overweight to a healthy body weight.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Introduction to exercising for Fat Loss
  2. Why You Should Optimize Your Program
  3. The Psychology of Weight Loss
  4. Fat Loss | Strength Training vs. Cardio
  5. Beginner Fat Loss Exercise Programs
  6. Dustin’s Politically Incorrect Fat Loss Rant
  7. You Should At Least Be Capable of This
  8. Intermediate Fat Loss Exercise Program
  9. Beyond Intermediate | Getting to Optimal
  10. Top 10 Exercise for Fat Loss Articles (sources)

This article contains actionable step by step advice that you can start using today to burn fat fast without crash dieting or losing your sanity. » Read more