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Have you heard the term “Reverse Dieting?” It sounds like magic doesn’t it? You do the opposite of “diet” and then you end up looking awesome. Of course there is much more to this new trend than that. Today we talk with Pharmacist, NPC Physique Competitor, and NAFC Nutrition Coach, Katie Ringley about reverse dieting and healthy living for women.


Katie, you have an interesting background. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a Pharmacist from North Carolina who has trans-located for an adventure with my husband to New York City. I am a Christian, marathon runner, fitness blogger, NPC competitor, and hopefully soon to be triathlete.

I help people who want to find an avenue into health and fitness that reaches beyond the physical appearance. I want to help them get leaner and stronger, but I also want to love on them in the process and hope that my team becomes more of a family than just clients.

I provide flexible dieting and macro based meal plans with training programs for runners and lifters as well as metabolic adaption programs.

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I read on your website that you “added 700 calories to your diet.” Nobody talks about adding calories. Can you talk about your diet and your diet philosophy?

My philosophy is the more the merrier 😉

Reverse Dieting

Download the Complete Reverse Dieting Program

I think that everyone wants the easy, quickest way to dieting but looking at this from the long term, I would rather have something more sustainable for myself and the people that I work with.

Reverse dieting has become very popular, but essentially I slowly added calories, carbs, and fats into my diet week by week and took this very slow so that my body was able to adjust and over time those numbers add up to lots of extra calories.


I think it’s so crucial for anyone because it’s such an easier lifestyle to live healthy, as you are able to fit much more food comfortably into your diet without inconveniencing others with your healthy choices.

Can you talk about your experience running a 200 mile marathon? Where was it, what was it called, how did you train for it? What was the experience like?

It wasn’t just me, although I wish I could claim that, however it was a lot of fun.

It was called the Palmetto 200 and 12 of us ran from Columbia, SC to Charleston, SC. I ran a total of about 30 miles but this was broken up into 3 different legs, so I actually only prepared for this the way that you would prepare for a half marathon.

The experience was one that I’ll never forget and one that I plan on doing next year with 6 friends to make it a little more intense.

You run through the night. You are absolutely disgusting for an entire weekend, but you make the best friendships and have the most fun with a group of people you’ll never forget. It feels okay to be running at 3 A.M. when there are other teams racing to the finish line as well.

I would recommend it to anyone.

On your About Page, you talk about a bad experience you had hiring a fitness consultant, in that you were led down a path of “bro-science.” What was that all about?

katie4I will be honest, and say that I never like talking much about this just because I would never want to publicly put anyone down and they are good people at heart, but just VERY VERY old school.

It was essentially oatmeal for breakfast, then protein and veggies for 5 more meals.

Veggies were your carbs. Reverse dieting, discussed above, is essentially how I got out of this. It was hard at first because my body was fighting me to add the carbs back in, but slowly over time, it [reverse dieting] was the best decision I ever made in my fitness career.

Who are your typical clients, do you offer online training, if so, how does the program work?

I offer fitness training online. I have 12 week programs to help someone who is just beginning their journey of flexible dieting, and I have a 20 week program that is a metabolic adaptation program to help them reverse diet and restore their metabolism.

They sign up on my website, it prompts them to fill out a form so that I can get to know them a little better, and then I send them their program and speak with them one on one whenever they need me via email…this, of course, includes their workouts as well.

I try to tailor everything to the individual person. I believe that lifting weights works, but I also know that not every girl is into that, and that’s okay.

I also offer a running and lifting schedule and a half marathon training schedule that includes lifting for those that like the overall hybrid athlete look or conditioning.

Additionally, I have a team Facebook group, and new clients are then invited into the group, which now consists of over 150 girls, who have become more of a family…sharing our macro ideas, encouragements, struggles, and just love on each other day to day!

What obstacles or setbacks have you had to overcome to achieve your desired physique?

Competing in Physique has been a long road to where I am today.

When I started, 7 years ago, I thought the way to be fit was not to eat…and I did that.

I have always been very determined and that just led into really unhealthy habits that took me years to break because I thought that’s the way to achieve the thin look, when really it just made me lose all of my muscle.

Through the years as I’ve learned nutrition, I have had to learn what macros work for me, whether I’m more sensitive to fats or carbs and if I respond best to higher protein vs. lower protein.

Sometimes it can be a guessing game, and I have just had to see what works for me. When people see my physique, they think I got it overnight, when the reality is that I’ve been at this game for 7 years now.

Fitness Bio | Katie Ringley

Katie1Katie Ringley is a Pharmacist, NAFC Nutrition Coach, and fitness fanatic from the South, who has trans-located to New York City for an adventure. Her purpose and hope in coaching is to help girls find the beauty in their flaws, strengths in their weaknesses, and a love for themselves that isn’t centered around body image, but instead is focused on finding their passion, changing from the inside out, and using that passion to fuel their success.

You can find Katie at, on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.



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