Reverse Dieting With Katie Ringley | Daily Fitness Interview

Have you heard the term “Reverse Dieting?” It sounds like magic doesn’t it? You do the opposite of “diet” and then you end up looking awesome. Of course there is much more to this new trend than that. Today we talk with Pharmacist, NPC Physique Competitor, and NAFC Nutrition Coach, Katie Ringley about reverse dieting and healthy living for women. » Read more


Habits > Willpower | How to Enjoy Fitness with Kirtley Freckleton

The best part about is that I get to meet and learn from some amazing people in the fitness industry. Kirtley Freckleton has helped her clients lose over one-half ton of weight. She is a Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach out of Spanish Fork, Utah. At the young age of 27 she has accomplished some amazing things in fitness and more importantly, has helped many people achieve a better life.

I love her views on diet and her carefree and relaxed (but effective) approach to fitness. She proves that it’s about lifestyle, not will power…no matter what the latest selfies say. » Read more


Fitness & Pancakes | Daily Fitness Interview With Pancake Warriors

My favorite fitness sites are the ones that have “actionable” information. I love fitness websites with tons of information that I can actually start using right away.

Today’s interview is with Samantha from Her website is full of actionable information about fitness, nutrition, and healthy living. From informative beginner series to some of the best healthy eating recipes on the internet, Samantha’s website is a must read. She is an accountant, certified Group Fitness Instructor, and fitness blogger with a fresh take on women’s fitness. » Read more


The. Best. Weight. Loss. Advice. Ever.

In July of 2009 I read the best weight loss article ever published on the internet. It was written by Nia Shanks. You may have seen her on Lift Like A Girl TV, or with the Girls Gone Strong crew.

Within that article was the holy grail of weight loss advice. If you forgot, or unlearned, everything you ever knew about diet, exercise, weight loss, and fitness, and just followed this one piece of advice, then you would never need to learn anything else. And that piece of advice is… » Read more


The Bikini Experiment: Interview With Lauren Delaney

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to form healthy nutrition habits. Which is why today I interview Lauren Delaney of

Lauren is a fitness blogger and lifestyle coach. If you have any questions about proper nutrition, healthy living, or physical training for women, then you will enjoy today’s interview and videos, and don’t forget to take a look at Lauren’s recipe for Protein Pancakes… » Read more


No More Diet Hopping, Get Lasting Results With Carrie Mcmahon

Have you spent years hopping from diet to diet only to leave frustrated and no closer to your fitness goals? Let me introduce you to Carrie McMahon of Carrie was voted one of the Top 30 Fitness Professionals Under 30 Changing the Face of Fitness, and she is a Certified Personal Trainer in Los Angeles, CA.

Nothing is more frustrating than depriving yourself of the food that you actually want to eat, only to see all the weight you lost come right back when you jump off the diet.

In today’s interview, Carrie talks about how she is able to get her clients lasting results without using the traditional diet methods that frustrate everybody. Enjoy!

» Read more