The Bikini Experiment: Interview With Lauren Delaney

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to form healthy nutrition habits. Which is why today I interview Lauren Delaney of

Lauren is a fitness blogger and lifestyle coach. If you have any questions about proper nutrition, healthy living, or physical training for women, then you will enjoy today’s interview and videos, and don’t forget to take a look at Lauren’s recipe for Protein Pancakes…

Hi Lauren, I know you do some personal training and lifestyle coaching. Can you tell us how you got your start in fitness and who your average client is?

I became involved in fitness about four years ago after suffering shoulder and back damage from a car accident.

I had never been an athletic girl, however, my doctor encouraged me that I needed to start working out to get stronger and feel better.

My average clients are women like me plus/minus 10 years.

There is a section on your website called Bikini Eats wherein you advise against eating soy. Can you go into some detail as to why soy should be avoided & does that include soy protein supplements?

All soy products are hormone disruptors and increase estrogen in unhealthy ways.

Editor’s Note: Lauren has an awesome YouTube Channel with great videos about quality eating, natural beauty, physical training, and the organic lifestyle. Here is an example of one of her videos.

Generally, diet is my least favorite topic but you have some interesting things to say about it on your blog and I’d like to learn a bit more. You also recommend eating healthy fats that support hormones. Can you explain this concept a bit more? And when you say, “support hormones” are you referring to testosterone production? Estrogen balance?

Yes, that is what I am referring to when I say “support hormones.”

It is important to support the production of the body’s sex hormones thus creating a natural balance. Key supporters include the removal of soy and other hormone disruptors like BPA.

[It is also helpful to] work towards alleviating stress, which can create excess cortisol [levels]. These fats are only healthy when they are derived from unadulterated sources such as grass-fed beef, organic coconut oil, and pasture raised eggs.

Commercial products are processed and are disruptive with our biology.

Editor’s Note: See Lauren’s Article on Protein Pancakes.

Years of eating for muscle mass gain (the “see food” diet) has played havoc on my digestive system. On your blog you discuss the need to support gut health. Can you discuss how this is best accomplished on a daily basis?

I recommend taking a pro-biotic supplement daily on an empty stomach and adding digestive enzymes before meal times.

Gym_Legally BlondeIt is also helpful to consume fermented foods. Short chain fatty acids such as grass-fed butter are hugely supportive of gut health. It is also key to avoid inflammatory foods like wheat, corn, soy and sugar. Chris Kresser has done amazing research on this subject.

What do you think is the biggest challenge that women who are trying to lose weight face, and how would you address that challenge?

A basis of healthy habits is a huge road block for most women. Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition focuses on building these habits slowly and effectively with his program Precision Nutrition.

What three books would you recommend to any woman trying to lose weight and why?


These books are great guidelines in terms of learning food sourcing and really teach a new appreciation of what we should be putting in our bodies.

IMG_1812Fitness Bio

Growing up Lauren was told that she was not an athlete.

Today, Lauren’s purpose is to show women that the path to strength and wellness is never out of reach.

On her blog, The Bikini Experiment you can expect to find a focus on quality eating, training, natural beauty, and organic living.

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